22 July Circle

Location :
Located at the intersection of Maitri Chit, Mittraphan, and Santiphap Roads, Pop Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok.
Age :
Built in 1918 during the reign of King Rama VI.
Type of Monument :
Unregistered monument.


22 July Circle is a circular fountain situated at the intersection of three roads: Maitri Chit, Mittraphan, and Santiphap Roads. It was constructed to commemorate the day King Vajiravudh led the country into the First World War in Europe on 22 July 1917, siding with the entente with Britain, France, Belgium, Russia, and other nations fighting against the Central Powers which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey. The Thai Government recruited volunteer soldiers and, after training, sent a troop of 1,284 men to Europe, who fought alongside the Allied armies until the war was over.
The participation in the war brought many advantages to the country. Thailand gained some economic benefits and forged strong political bonds with the Allied nations. The country also acquired an opportunity to call for an alteration and even an annulment of unequal treaties that had previously been signed with powerful nations.
Initially, the area where the monument stands was a crowded residential area, but on 28 December 1917, a fire broke out and ravaged almost the entire neighbourhood. Chaophraya Yommaraj (Pun Sukhum), Minister of the Metropolitan Department at the time, recognised the disaster as a chance to reorganise the city, and sent a request to the King asking for permission to construct new roads, along with a 120-metre diameter memorial circle.
Once it was brought to his attention, King Vajiravudh granted permission and, although there is no evidence that the King intended for the whole area to be called by the same name, "22 July", the day of the country's participation in the Great War, was designated as a commemorative name. The construction of the circle and the roads began on 27 January 1918.
During the reign of King Rama VII, the Ministry of Interior pleaded with the King for the roads to be renamed since it caused confusion among the public. King Prajadhipok asked Phrasarn Prasert to propose new names for each road, and in July 1932, the names were changed as follows:
  • 22 July Road 1 became Maitri Chit Road.
  • 22 July Road 2 became Mittraphan Road.
  • 22 July Road 3 became Santiphap Road.
Meanwhile, the circle remained known by the same name - "22 July" - per the Ministry's request.

Value and Significance

The 9.22 July Circle commemorates 22 July 1917, the day of Thailand's declaration of participation in World War I.

Architectural and Artistic Features

The circle is 120 metres in diameter, surrounded by an abundance of plants and flowers. There is a fountain in the middle of a pool, with pathways leading to it.
The fountain is shaped like an offering tray, made with polished steel-supported concrete in white and pink. The pool is shaped from six semi-circles, making triangular corners that point to the street. In the middle of the pool is a two-tiered fountain, each tier constructed in the shape of a three-tiered lotus, carrying six petals in each tier.

Preservation and Restoration

  • During Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat’s time as Prime Minister (1959-1963) the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Thailand reconstructed the memorial site into a park. Pathways and fences were built in the outer circle while a garden was planted neatly in the inner circle, with six pathways leading to the fountain pool in the centre.
  • In 1977, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration refurbished the circle into a park. Fences were removed, and the ground was raised. Pathways leading to the fountain were relocated to sit between the roads, and a garden was planted along the outer circle. The city also installed benches inside the park.

ภาพเก่าแต่เดิมวงเวียน 22 กรกฎา ไม่มีสระน้ำพุรูปพานตรงกลางวงเวียน ไม่ปรากฏบันทึกว่ามีการสร้างสระน้ำพุรูปพานกลางวงเวียน

เส้นผ่านศูนย์กลาง 120 เมตร

ขอบสระหยักโค้งครึ่งวงกลม 6 วง มุมบรรจบระหว่างวงทำเป็นมุมสามเหลี่ยม มุมสามเหลี่ยมนี้จะตรงกับแนวถนน กลางสระเป็นพานน้ำพุซึ่งออกแบบเป็นพานโตก 2 ชั้น พานแต่ละชั้นทำลายประดับเป็นกลีบบัวซ้อนตรงกัน 3 ชั้น ชั้นละ 6 กลีบ

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